The veterinarian makes house calls.

24-hour service in Budapest and the surrounding area, with home visits and treatments at your place.
Our veterinarians speak English, so it's not a problem if you don't speak Hungarian.

How we operate?


We will coordinate with you over the phone and collect your pet's information.


We will notify our nearest veterinarian, who will then depart to your location. We will send you a notification about their expected arrival.


The veterinarian will provide care for your pet at your home based on prior arrangement, and you can make the payment in cash after the treatment.



Call the veterinarian to your home for the selected vaccination, receive a reminder in advance when the next one is due.

llnesses and injuries

Not every sick or injured domestic animal can be transported. In such cases, call the veterinarian to your home.

Issuing a passport

With the appropriate vaccinations, a valid passport can be issued, allowing you to take your pet abroad.


Make your pet easily identifiable by microchipping, which provides greater security than having a collar.

Nutritional counseling

Mit adjon kedvencének, milyen gyakran etesse, milyen tápanyagokra van szüksége, hogy egészséges maradjon?


Unfortunately, there are situations where the last option is to euthanize the pet.

Pet transportation

If you don’t have the opportunity to transport your pet safely, whether due to illness/injury or any other circumstances, you can rely on our team of trained professionals.

Corpse transportation

We also offer the transportation of deceased animals. Our team members will arrive at the location as quickly as possible and take your pet away. We always ensure that all hygiene requirements are met in every case.


The call-out fee in Budapest: 15,000 Ft.

The call-out fee in the surrounding area is : 20,000 Ft.

The final amount depends on the type of treatment and the cost of medications used, and it may vary based on coordination with the veterinarian.

The average treatment cost is: 15-20,000 Ft.

For call-outs on weekdays and 18:00 until 8:00 in the morning, as well as on weekends and holidays, there is a service fee of 10,000 Ft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our assistants and veterinarians are proficient in English. Please feel free to reach out to us by writing or calling.

You will only need to pay after the treatment, based on the treatment and call-out fees agreed upon with the veterinarian on-site. Payment is accepted in cash or transfer, as card payments are not currently available.

Following the call, we will always notify you about the expected arrival time of the veterinarian. The exact duration from the call may vary depending on the time of day, the availability of doctors, and the proximity of the area.

There may be situations where the procedure requires equipment or medications that the veterinarian does not have on hand. In such cases, upon mutual agreement, the animal can be transported to a well-equipped facility where further treatment can be provided. To avoid such situations, please provide detailed information during the phone call, ensuring that the veterinarian will have all the necessary tools before their arrival.

Over the phone, we will ask you for the location of the call-out, the pet’s details (name, age, gender, breed), and your personal information for contact purposes. Please provide a detailed description of the animal’s symptoms, injuries, and any specific treatment you would like if you have a clear idea about it. Our colleague on the phone will collect all necessary information from you, which will be shared exclusively with the attending veterinarian for the purpose of treatment. During the call-out, the veterinarian may also record additional information for record-keeping regarding the treatment.

The tiny, painless implantation of a secure microchip can help prevent your dog from getting lost. Based on the data associated with the chip, both the dog and the owner can be identified, enabling immediate contact when the dog is found. Today, every shelter, animal control facility, and veterinary clinic has scanners for this purpose, ensuring that your pet always returns to you. The chip is a safe procedure, and its coating minimizes the risk of displacement. Only authorized organizations and veterinarians can access the associated data by scanning the chip.

Yes, if the treatment is not urgent and it involves a routine procedure (such as vaccination, microchip implantation, or passport issuance), you can schedule a later appointment based on coordination.

Yes, neutering of pets can be arranged in consultation with the veterinarian.

Unfortunately, there are situations where even emergency call-outs cannot prevent a serious problem or illness, and injuries can be too severe. We do everything we can to prevent this, but in such situations, euthanizing the pet is an option as a last resort.

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